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Your safety is a big deal to us Having confidence in your dental experience is critical to your maintaining your dental health We'e following guidelines more stringent than ever. Here to help you stay healthy and safe. It's simple. We care.

Remember to Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire at the End of December!

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Better communication, better convenience--better experience. We strive to make every visit effortless and enjoyable.


What are the things that are most important to us?

Communication   •   Advanced Technology   •   Comprehensive Services
Compassion   •   Excellence   •   Commitment

Single source dentistry means greater convenience and less money for you. Basic preventive and diagnostic dentistry, periodontics, endodontics and even dental implants--we do it all. You and your family can have all of your dental needs met under one roof. If these are the kinds of things you value in a dentist, visit Oxford Dental Associates. Allow us to deliver the dentistry you deserve.



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"People both seek and avoid dental treatment for a wide variety of reasons. We will not judge you based upon
your current oral health, past treatment decisions, or current desires. Our mission is simply to help you
understand what it takes to have a healthy mouth and a beautiful, confident smile.

- Dr. Peter Patellis