1. Are you accepting new patients?

Absolutely. We are always accepting new patients, and consider it a compliment to have new people and families join our practice. As a community oriented business, we always welcome the opportunity to serve more of our neighbors.

2. How do I transfer to your office?

This can be accomplished through two different avenues. One, you can call your previous dentist and ask to have copies of your records sent to our office. They may require you to sign a release form. This can be done through fax or mail. The second way is to sign the release at our office and we will contact the previous dentist's office for you.

3. How does my insurance work?

We work with most insurance companies, and will assist you in maximizing your benefits. We are more than happy to do a free benefits evaluation and find out what benefits and limitations accompany your dental plan. We want to avoid any surprises if your insurance company won't pay what you expect them to pay.

4. What if I have no insurance?

Not having dental insurance should never be a barrier to seeking good dental treatment. There are several options that are available to you. You can schedule a time with our office to discuss which plan would be right for your needs.

5. What is an implant?

It is a relatively new method for replacing a lost tooth without compromising the integrity of the surrounding teeth and bone. It is placed in several steps over a given amount of time. This is an excellent option in place of dentures, partials and bridges.
Learn more about Dental Implants.

7. Are x-rays safe?

Yes. X-rays have proven to be a safe and effective way to diagnose disease. We use digital technology which decreases the amount of exposure by ten times compared to conventional x-rays.

8. Is the injection going to hurt?

Everyone knows that to say injections don't hurt is at best, exaggerating. Needles do hurt, but our office utilizes advanced technology in the form of a computer controlled syringe which allows the anesthesia to be delivered at a comfortable rate for you, therefore minimizing the amount of pain as much as possible.

9. Why floss?

It is a great way to remove plaque and bacteria between teeth where your toothbrush can not reach. Removing the plaque and bacteria on a consistent basis lends itself to better overall health, including the prevention of cavities, bone loss, bad breath and staining.

10. Does whitening hurt my teeth?

No. There are many products on the market for teeth whitening, each with their own variation and ingredients. The methods that have been chosen for use in this office are thoroughly researched for safety and effectiveness.

11. How old should a child be to start coming to the dentist?

It has been suggested that a child should be familiar with the dental office and staff, starting at the age of three. However, a majority of our families are encouraged to bring their children to the office when several teeth have begun to appear. These visits will consist of having the child become comfortable with our doctor and staff. When they are ready for their first cleaning, it will be a pleasant experience for them.

12. Why are sealants recommended?

It is a tooth colored plastic coating that is placed in the grooves of the permanent molars. It is an excellent preventative measure in decreasing the occurrence of decay. The placement of the sealants greatly decreases the possibility of future fillings.

13. Why is fluoride always recommended?

Fluoride is most commonly used in the prevention of tooth decay in children and adults. Other uses are to control tooth sensitivity and to aid in the fight against gum disease. The use of fluoride greatly helps to achieve and maintain good oral health.

14. What is a Waterpik, and why is it the best choice for me?

A Waterpik is an oral irrigator used to clear away food debris using a water jet. The use of the Waterpik greatly aids in the removal of the harmful bacteria that cause periodontal disease and cavities. It is very helpful in cleaning around orthodontic fixtures, crowns, bridges and implants. We are always happy to show you how to use the Waterpik effectively and tailor it to your specific needs.

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